Setting up a Company



Why Singapore is the top choice for Setting Up a Business?

Low Tax Rate

  • Start-up Companies Tax exemption for setting up a company
  • Non-Start Up Companies Corporate tax rate at 17%.
  • Tax Rebate will be extended to YA 2019 at 20% of the corporate tax payable, subject to a cap of $10,000. ​
  • Usually, corporate taxes for incorporation companies are only 8.5% up to S$300K profits due to very attractive tax rebates for start-up companies.
  • No capital gain, dividend or estate/inheritance taxes in Singapore.

Free Trade Agreement

  • Robust Trade Eco-System Singapore has established 76 DTAs (Double Taxation Agreements) and 20 FTAs (Free Trade Agreements)

Political Stable & Secured Environment

  • Singapore provides a politically stable environment to entrepreneurs to setting up a business in Singapore.
  • Entrepreneurs will find ease of setting up business within 24 hours. As a regional business centre in Asia, it is one of the best choices to have a headquarter in Singapore.

Easier access to Capital

  • Capital funding is easy with multiple banks providing SME loans that are supported by the government. Crowd funding, venture capital and various legitimate financing facilities are readily available to aid entrepreneurs.

Strong Intellectual Property law

  • Protection for your ideas and innovations is easy and straightforward at $1,200 onward.

Audit Exemption

  • Entrepreneur will be exempted from performing audit as most once it meets at least 2 of the following criteria:
  • Total annual revenue of not more than $10 million
  • Total gross assets as at the end of the financial reporting period of not more than $10 million.
  • Total number of employees as at the end of the financial year of not more than 50.

The good news is most start-up companies falls under this group.

Setting a Business in Singapore Checklist

  • Incorporation – Register a Business takes not more than 24 hours with EBOS
  • Corporate Secretarial – 12 months complimentary company secretarial services with EBOS
  • Nominee Directors- You need to have at least one local director who is an ordinary resident of Singapore to set up a private limited company
  • Registered Office – Unlimited scanning of letters to your Dropbox/email when you start using our address as your registered office
  • Local Manpower – CPF accounts and HR software will be implemented upon 1st employee acquired.
  • Employment Pass – EP will be processed after your company is set up.
  • Intellectual Property – Led by our legal expert partner, your trademark will be done in the most efficient way.

EBOS Cloud Accountants guide you through every stages in setting up a business.

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