Nominee Directors


In Singapore, you need to have at least one local director who is an ordinary resident of Singapore to set up a Private Limited Company.

We provide nominee director service at a very affordable rate, i.e. act as your company’s local director if you have difficulties appointing a director of your own.

Our nominee directors are degree graduates and have absolutely good reputations to facilitate the opening of bank account without a hitch. Plus, our nominee directors do not engage in overwhelming directorship with companies. As the responsibilities of the Nominee Director is very onerous, we will require a security deposit and accounts must be done by our firm to safeguard the interest of the nominee directors or executive director.

In addition, our consultants will understands your needs and aid you in your application for Long term work and Stay Visa so that you will not be disrupted. With proper execution and understanding of your eligibility, you will make better decision when setting a business in Singapore.

Our Services Include :

  1. Reputable and Trustworthy Director
  2. Nominee Director Agreement, including non-disclosure clause
  3. Managing your Singapore operation (Subject to case by case basis)

Add On +

  1. Singapore Long Term Business/Work and Stay Visa
  2. Application of Relevant Employment Passes*
Nominee Director
Fee Payable
Example of Risk Assessment
Unable to Act
Ongoing KYC
  • Please note that Nominee Director Service is provided only to clients who fulfil our Know-Your-Clients ("KYC") assessment.
  • We will be seeking information about your business activities, your expected financial and future plan for the Company.
  • You will be require to provide evidence of good standings of the Company, as an individual and key business decision marker.
  • In order for the director to be aware of the company activities, accounting must done EBOS SG Pte Ltd to satisfy the directors' obligation to the Singapore Government on a timely basis. Please refer to Cloud Accounting Solution for an estimated cost.
  • The business of the Company shall be conducted in accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations and by-laws in Singapore and in any relevant foreign jurisdiction where the Company shall conduct it business;
  • Fees payable: From $300 per month (Minimum 12 months)
  • Refundable security deposit : 1 year Nominee Director Fee
  • Nominee Director charges shall be subjected to changes depending on the complexity and job scope for each company and share capital and expected revenue.
  • All package are billable on an annual basis. Director can choose terminate the contract 1 month before the end of each package.
  • If any payment is due after 30 days of the invoice date without any positive reply from the company, EBOS will reserve the right to strike off the company by using the security deposit held with us. This is to protect the local director from any further liability incurred.
  • Low to Medium Risk - Employment of local staffs ( Contribute to CPF payment ), Above $500,000 in Sales ( Contribute to tax payment)
  • Medium/High Risk - Above $1 Million in Sales, Numerous directors and shareholders ( Contribute to higher tax payment ), company with high risk profile and business models.
  • We will not be able to act as your Company Nominee Director if you are a citizen or in connection with or born in any country which is listed under the US Sanctions list.
  • Please view the Sanctions Programs and Country Information.
  • To safeguard the interest of our directors, we will have to take appropriate action to forfeit the security deposit that you have with us, close down the company and any other necessary action that we deem appropriate as soon as we discovered that you are one such person.
  • When there is a change of key management personnel, we will require you to update us promptly for due diligence to be carry out.
  • When there is a change in business activities and locations, you will have to inform EBOS and the directors within 1 month.
  • It is also necessary for EBOS to maintain the company's accounts for the period of nominee services to ensure transparency of the company. In satisfying with "KYC" procedures, we will request for the bank statements and business information which may be submitted to ACRA should there be an inquiry.

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